Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I may have an Apple Choice to make

I've been on the verge of upgrading my wifi-only iPad to a 3G model since the latter appeared a few weeks ago. I actually went into one of the local Apple stores to buy it, but they were out of stock. Apparently that's the case all over. They're hard to come by.

But nevertheless I've been expecting that I'll upgrade eventually.

But now it seems like the infamous Apple 4G iPhone is about to drop. And I've been planning on upgrading my ancient first-gen iPhone when that appeared.

So now I find myself possibly looking at two, multi-hundred dollar purchases with in a few weeks of each other. Decisions, decisions.

Do I go for broke (not literally, but close) and buy both? Or do I make a choice? And which would I choose?

My wifi-only iPad is very sufficient, especially when combined with the oh-so-disappointing MiFi. I could keep that and get the new iPhone.

But then, just upgrading to the 3GS model of the iPhone would still be a major enhancement over my current iPhone, and they're quite inexpensive right now (Walmart has them for under  $100 it seems). And that would leave me with plenty of cash for the upgraded pad.

Hmmmm. Choices.

So anyway I have a decision to make. Stay tuned.

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