Friday, May 28, 2010

This could make me rich!

Every morning I make my coffee. I add one packet of Splenda sweetener and a splash of half-n-half creamer to each cup. This morning I did the cream and sat down with my mug before realizing that I'd forgotten the sweet. And then I had a brainstorm.

Save a step, and avoid forgetting, by PREMIXING the sweetener into the creamer. I'll need to measure how much cream I use per one packet of sweetener, do the math, then add all the sweetener each time I buy a new bottle of half-n-half.

Not only will this save time, but it also solves the age old-challenge of knowing how many packets of sweetener to put into an odd-sized mug. Once the creamer has the right ratio of sweet, then I just add it to my coffee till it's my preferred lightness, and I will automatically have the amount of sweet I like.

Oh, I am such a genius.

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